Discover The River Ring

Residents of the Greater St. Louis region have an incredible asset in the River Ring. The network of greenways is much more than just a grouping of walking and bike trails.

Great Rivers Greenway’s focus on the River Ring is dramatically improving the quality of life in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County by providing clean, well-maintained walking trails and making it easier than ever to find information about St. Louis bike trails and outdoor exercise paths.

With more green spaces to explore, St. Louis residents and visitors have access to new routes to work, school and surrounding communities as the number of St. Louis bike trails and on-street paths grows through the work of Great Rivers Greenway and partner organizations.

We encourage you to discover all that the greenways have to offer, and to get back in touch with nature in a place that provides clean air, clean water and a sense of serenity.

The greenways we create and use today will be a lasting legacy for tomorrow’s children...improving their health and well-being and fostering a way of life that is meaningful and significant. These greenways are showing the nation a new kind of St. Louis region — a place worth visiting and living.

Discover Your Greenways, Walking & Biking Paths

Use our interactive map to explore and discover the 17 active greenways and 106 miles (so far) that make up the River Ring.

St. Louis Bike Trails

On-street bike markings and signage provide St. Louis residents with a safe alternative commute. Discover the best routes, plus maps and more information about Bike St. Louis efforts.