New Cyclists: Check with Trailnet, the League of American Bicyclists and Cycling Savvy for resources and bike safety classes coming up near you!

Cycling Laws: Every cyclist should be informed about laws and traffic ordinances that affect them. Our Bike St. Louis map provides visual guides for bicyclist best practices. Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation also has comprehensive and up-to-date guides to laws and rules that affect cyclists in Missouri.

Cycling to Commute: Great Rivers Greenway trails and Bike St. Louis paths were designed to work with the existing Metro St. Louis transit system whenever possible to provide cyclists and pedestrians with more opportunities to connect throughout the region. Find out how to board a metro train with a bike, how to operate Metro bus bike racks and more by clicking here and reviewing the Metro St. Louis's bicycle information page.

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Are you Ready to Shift Your Commute?

Check out Trailnet's new web This trip tracking software is the first of its kind in St. Louis. encourages individuals and workplace teams to commute car free. It can be used to connect green commuters with each other – to swap routes, meet up, ride together, and share tips. Shift Your Commute is able to log bike, bus, train, and walking trips, and any combination of those. It calculates and reports to its members their carbon emissions saved, miles traveled, and calories burned. This information helps Trailnet track green commuting in St. Louis and advocate for green transportation alternatives.

Bike Share in St. Louis?

Is St. Louis ready to join the ranks of other U.S. cities with bike share systems such as Washington D.C., New York and Denver? The Great Rivers Greenway District –along with partners at St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Metro and others –is getting ready to find out.
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