The River Ring: Our Vision of a Connected Greenway Trail Region

At the Metropolitan Parks and Recreation District (also known as "Great Rivers Greenway"), our long-term vision is one of a united St. Louis region from the Katy Trail to the Gateway Arch.

We are working to make the St. Louis region healthier, a region that is clean, green and connected by the Greenway. St. Louis as an entire region will benefit upon completion of The River Ring, our visual conception of this Greenway Trail dream. Here we work beyond borders - connecting the entire region that voted us into existence to carry out a greater mission of improving the lives of people in the St. Louis area.

Our interconnected system of trails and greenways, on-street bicycle routes and parks will encircle the St. Louis region, encompassing a 600-mile web of more than 45 greenways that will crisscross the region.

It will also provide access to trail and greenway projects being developed by several partners, including:

  • Madison County Transit (MCT)
  • The Metro East Parks and Recreation District (MEPRD)
  • St. Clair County Transit District

Today, we are working on 17 active greenways that are in various stages of development throughout the St. Louis region.

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Please excuse the load time on our interactive greenway map below. With more than 600 miles within the River Ring, there's much to load including trailheads, restrooms, bike shops, parking lots and more, all viewable with the options below.

Interactive Greenway St. Louis Map
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Learn More about the Greenway Trail Vision

For more information on how the River Ring and its associated projects stand to make the St. Louis region a better place to live, click here.

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