Promoting & Discovering Nature
Just because you are in a city doesn’t mean you are far from nature. In sustainable cities, people rely on a place that has always been wireless, cordless and decidedly un-virtual — Nature – to re-connect and re-charge.

Great Rivers Greenway is dedicated to preserving nature just for you and your family. Our nature trails and greenways give residents of St. Louis somewhere to go that’s close to home, when they feel a deep longing for time away from a screen.

Are you craving a break? Take a walk on one of our safe and well-kept nature trails. Listen to a bird song you’ve never heard before. Smell the foliage in bloom. See your very first river otter in a nature preserve. Witness what nature can do for you.

In our road to becoming one of America’s great sustainable cities, Great Rivers Greenway is committed to encouraging the residents of St. Louis to get outside and enjoy nature.