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The River Ring: A Clean, Green and Connected St. Louis

We’re making St. Louis an even better place to live by connecting our region with a network of greenways so you can be active, get where you need to go and enjoy being outside.  

A greenway is a park that can take you somewhere. They have paved trails where you can take a walk, go for a run or ride a bike, or you can just explore and enjoy being outside.   

Our greenways are all different; some go through your neighborhood, getting you where you need to go. Some follow along a river, so you can get some fresh air or exercise. Others are full of stories of the history of our region! Greenways can hold great events for our community or programs so you can try something new. No two are alike, but they all improve our quality of life. 

The long-term vision for St. Louis is called the River Ring, where more than 600 miles of trails will connect communities, bike-friendly streets and transit, and our region’s great rivers and parks in a network of greenways.    

By creating this new way to get around to 2 million residents plus visitors, we’re enhancing our economy and conserving natural resources throughout this 1,200 square mile region. (That’s roughly the size of Rhode Island!)

Great Rivers Greenway is currently working on 17 greenways in the River Ring. For more information or to learn more about the trails and greenways in progress and planning, explore the interactive map below:

The River Ring
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