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The River Ring: Connected St. Louis Trails

The long-term vision of Great Rivers Greenway is The River Ring, a connected network of St. Louis trails. This interconnected system of trails will consist of greenways, on-street bicycle routes, and parks and will encircle the entire St. Louis region, encompassing a 600-mile web of more than 45 greenways.

The Great Rivers trails will crisscross the region and provide access to trail and greenway projects developed by the Metro East Park and Recreation District in Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois. 

The concept of network of connected St. Louis trails later named The River Ring was the outcome of a 10-month citizen-driven planning process completed in September 2003.

America’s Great Rivers: A Guiding Force for the River Ring

The St. Louis region is defined by North America's great rivers - the Mississippi and Missouri. The Mississippi River, together with the Meramec and Cuivre rivers, forms a three-quarter ring around Great Rivers Greenway District. By linking these rivers with the Missouri River through a series of interconnected greenways, parks and trails, the circle is completed, providing access to The River Ring throughout the St. Louis region.

When complete, The River Ring will link three counties, join two states, and cover an area of 1,216 square miles to create one great river trail network and provide countless opportunities for outdoor activity to the residents of St. Louis

Great Rivers Greenway currently is working on 17 greenways, which are part of The River Ring. For more information or to learn more about the trails that currently make up the great river trail and future River Ring, click on the greenways listed below:

The River Ring
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